Social media undoubtedly has many benefits, but using it on a daily basis has a negative impact on our mental health. Consuming too much of the Internet can cause depression.


The main character of social media is an idealized image. Here we see perfect bodies, perfectly clean apartments, healthy food, smiling children all the time. The problem is that a lot of people start comparing their lives to those of celebrities, influencers, richer friends and strangers they follow. Then they feel inferior to others, they think they haven’t been as successful and haven’t made as much money as someone on the Internet.

Many people, when they see on Facebook or Instagram that someone has lost weight, has a great job, a loving husband and a villa with a pool, can feel jealous and depressed because they conclude that there must be something wrong with their life if it is not as “perfect” as someone’s life on social media. This leads to worry and feelings of inferiority.

It’s worth remembering that perfect people don’t exist, and what we see online isn’t always true. Instead of unnecessarily wasting time watching others, it’s worth investing it in personal development. These are the best cures for social media-induced depression.

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